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About Us

NEW DRESS CODE lets you discover and buy sustainable clothing, shoes, and handbags from the leading independent, slow-fashion brands at affordable prices.

Our Mission:

To give conscious customers the most compelling experience when shopping for sustainable, ethical fashion while supporting the emerging talents and independent labels that bring value and beauty to the fashion industry by placing them in front of the audiences they deserve.

Our Philosophy:

What makes fashion truly remarkable? Is it a novel design? A greater versatility or longevity? Or, is it a strive for a reduction of the environmental impact, employment of fair manufacturing standards, or the use of eco-friendly materials?

We believe that fashion is remarkable when it creates positive differences in the lives of people it touches; from designers who create it to craftsmen (and craftswomen) who make it, to consumers who acquire it to express their individuality and to support the values they believe in.

We search for these qualities when choosing new labels to feature and fresh collections to introduce to our customers. Our aim is simple - to help conscious consumers discover ethical, independent designers, who create vibrant, contemporary fashion that is bound to be noticed and that is made to last.

We also strive to keep raising the awareness about ethically-made, sustainable fashion through our editorial – Style Code – where we feature exclusive interviews with the designers, report on current and upcoming collections, and present in-depth stories that reveal the personalities and inspirations behind their unique creations.

Our Vision:

Aesthetics, ethics, and sustainability are the traits we would like to see being promoted more in the fashion industry.

We envision a fashion marketplace where originality and ethical consciousness are nourished and rewarded.

By supporting the creativity and hard work of prolific, emerging designers who choose to focus on conscious design, utilize eco-friendly materials and employ fair production standards, we can help to ensure that the fashion industry continues to evolve, innovate and flourish in a responsible way.

In return, we will be rewarded with a truly unique, impeccably and ethically-crafted wearable art that is a joy to own and a pleasure to wear.

The enjoyment of owning a fashion piece from NEW DRESS CODE comes from knowing the talent behind it.

Take a journey with us and discover a world of beautiful fashion, where all the pieces are full of character, real values, unique style, and superb, sustainable craftsmanship.