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Here is Where to Buy Affordable, High-Quality Clothing That Lasts

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Here is Where to Buy Affordable, High-Quality Clothing That Lasts

This question comes up so frequently: Where can I buy high-quality clothes that are affordable and made to last?

We all want to know the answer.

So today, I'll let you on a little secret that not many realize, except the savviest of fashion shoppers:

Great-quality clothing that’s still affordable and holds long-term value often comes from the small, independent fashion brands and not the large retailers.

I’ll explain exactly why that is, and where to find some great deals on quality apparel in just a moment, but first, let me illustrate what I’m talking about with a few examples.

Shopping for inexpensive clothing that's well made is easy once you know where to look for it.

Browse High-Quality Women's Clothing

European independent designers offer some amazing value on their beautiful and well-made fashion collections

All of these pieces are genuine, designer-made fashion garments made from high-quality fabrics with prices ranging between €50 and €70. They’re also made in Europe.

“Cool!” you might think, “but, why can’t these deals be matched by shopping at Zara or Mango?”

Here is why:

Mainstream fashion is now largely mass-produced by only a few consolidated multinationals. They’ve managed to completely commoditize the fashion industry and outsource their production to the offshore manufacturing hubs that optimize for cost - everything from designing process to the choice of materials utilized.

So, even though the clothing labels change, the underlying designs are often universal across many retailers and brands, with only a few, small variations introduced to the styling (like lapel sizes, buttons, or other decorative embellishments) to justify the rebranding of products under different lines, or even selling them by completely different apparel makers.

This is something to keep in mind when you begin to ponder why everything featured in the mainstream fashion stores begins to look the same and why the quality seems to leave a lot to desire these days.

Mainstream Fashion Is Optimized For Cost and Not for Quality So Don’t Expect Any Miracles.

If you want to understand why fast fashion does not produce high-quality apparel, then I invite you to take a look at our slow fashion guide that explain in detail how inherently flawed the fast fashion business model is (If you don’t have the time, here is a one-line synopsis: garbage in = garbage out. Yes, it's a business decision.)

So, the only thing you might find when shopping at cheap clothing outlets is the low price point but the quality surely won’t be there…. I mean, if it was, you would be at the check-out line now, instead of reading where to buy quality clothes online, wouldn’t you?

Best quality clothing brands that are affordable are the independent brands

Having established that fast fashion sucks, you have two options when it comes to high-quality clothing. Either pay the big bucks for the high-end brands and designer labels, or take a plunge into the world of emerging fashion, where amazing deals are to be found from the up-and-coming designers.

If you follow any fashion influencers on Instagram or elsewhere, then you’ll noticed that they often go out of their way to try new, unknown yet brands. It’s partially to set themselves apart in terms of finding a unique and original fashion look, but also it’s because they know where the hidden gems are to be found.

It's easy to be chic and original with original designers of slow fashion movement

So if you’re searching for diversity and the originality in your apparel, as well as aim to get the best bang for your buck in terms of the quality then you should consider shopping the lesser-known brands in the first place when it comes to shopping for fashion clothing.

I know, it might sound counter-intuitive at first, as we usually turn to the known labels because we’d like to trust them, but again, you came here looking for new ideas where to find affordable clothing online, so bear with me and let me break it down why this makes a perfect sense.

Why small fashion brands need to create good quality clothes.

When a new clothing brand enters a very competitive market, such as fashion, it needs to pay a very close attention and care to choosing the top-quality materials for its production. It also needs to enforce high manufacturing standard to ensure every product released meets the clients’ expectations. After all, first impressions count the most, and when you’re an unknown brand you only have one chance to attract new customers, and you do this by releasing the very best quality clothes you’re capable of making.

In other words, you NEED to become a high quality clothing brand in order to thrive.

Coincidently, that’s also how you establish a great, long-term brand reputation and earn a lifetime trust from your clients.

Having an original style and unique apparel offering or innovative design probably won't hurt either and could only further separate the brand from its competitors.

When it Comes to Production, the Quality is There

Independent designers usually manufacture their collections in limited-editions. Startups and SMEs are certainly no place for wasteful, sloppy manufacturing.

Fashion pieces created by the smaller, good-quality clothing brands are often handcrafted by the lead designer him/herself with a help of few assistants, or, in case of a larger production, the work is outsourced to local, specialized artisans.

Practically always, the pieces are fabricated with locally-sourced materials to support the agile production model and ensure the high-quality output.

Does the process sound somewhat familiar?

If it does, then it’s because it is considerably similar to how the high-end fashion is made, a.k.a haute couture, except, with independent designers, you’re getting great quality fashion at a fraction of that cost because you forgo that luxury label that commands the extra price for the product.

So this is why you’re able to buy good-quality clothes cheap when shopping the independent fashion brands.

Browse Designer-Made Fashion

Made to Last, Yet Affordable to Buy

Considering so far mentioned pros, you might be inclined to think that the prices of these pieces would be somewhat prohibitive - but thankfully, you'd be wrong. Depending on your needs and where you look, you can generally shop emerging fashion brands at low, or at least fair prices – that means prices without the unnecessary mark up.

Again there are no high-paid CEO’s, investors, or shareholders here putting the pressure on the company to squeeze every penny out of their sales – just some honest folks who love what they do, and do it well. The turnover is lesser in volume too, which leads to pricing being dictated by market demand, and not some artificial influencer’s marketing. It also leads to less merchandise ending up in the dumpster at the end of each the season when end-of-season sales end.

With a great-looking apparel that starts at about €50, and leather footwear and handbags starting at €60-€80, you're really getting an exceptional value across the board with emerging designers, especially considering that all the products are original and made in Europe (likely handmade), and a quality ensures you’ll enjoy your purchase for years to come.

High-quality and affordable leather bags from independent designers start at just €69

Take Me To Clothing on Sale

While affordability, quality, and durability are top three reasons to buy from the independent fashion brands, there is also another important but less tangible rationale why we love and support them.

Sustainability and Ethics Play an Important Role

Majority of contemporary European fashion brands employ sustainable design philosophy and ethically-sound production standards.

This is due to two main reasons:

First, the owners are often eco and ethically-conscious themselves and thus focus their efforts to appeal to equally aware consumers (at least in the case of designers we carry).

Second, these brands are simply far too small to face the demand pressure (or shareholder pressure) and lack the manufacturing necessity to consider moving their production overseas. Thus, as domestic operators, they obey strict European laws and regulations dictating the types of materials and manufacturing standards permitted. These explicitly prohibit, for example, the use of harsh, caustic chemicals or highly-toxic pollutants for tending, tanning, or any other activity involving the processing and production of leather and natural fabrics. That’s a great news for the environmentally-conscious consumers and also for the people looking for hypoallergenic clothing.

Then, there is also the aspect of fair-trade employment standards.

Independent brands typically don’t exploit sweatshop labor as part of their modus operandi to minimize the costs and maximize their profits, which is sadly what many of the large multinationals do to stay competitive and yield high profits for their shareholders.

Fast fashion is the best kind of a deal, but only for corporate owners who exploit cheap labor and gullible consumers to maximize the revenue

So, if you’re concerned about ethics and sustainability, then the above-mentioned reasons could further help you decide to buy from the local, independent brands next time you’re on the lookout for some designer clothes or a pair of well-made boots.  

Finally, on the subject of local production, it’s worth mentioning that by investing in independent brands you're also supporting the growth of local businesses and contribute to the domestic economy.

If this seems like a rather remote reason to contemplate buying your next garment from a less-known but local designer, then consider this - not everyone dreams about working at Amazon fulfillment center or becoming a sales assistant at a local fast fashion chain earning a minimum wage.

So, where do we recommend to buy affordable, high-quality clothes from independent fashion brands?

Normally, that would be a tough task, because small, independent operators lack the marketing budget to compete against the industry incumbents, so you won’t hear about them in the mainstream media or discover them in your local department store.

Thanks to the power of the internet, however, it is a breeze.

NEW DRESS CODE is one of those high quality clothing stores that specializes in quality fashion for women.

With us, you will discover and buy sustainable clothing, shoes, and handbags from the leading independent, slow-fashion brands at affordable prices, shipped for free (EU). All brands and designers we feature are eco-friendly and engage in fair-trade fashion.

Our primary focus is timeless, made-to-last fashion with a contemporary touch, but we also feature designers that we simply couldn’t pass up for their originality.

So go on, don’t be shy and have a look at our high quality clothes! Don’t forget we offer FREE Shipping anywhere in Europe and low, flat rate to U.S.

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