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This Eco-friendly Activewear is Packed with Pro-features

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This Eco-friendly Activewear is Packed with Pro-features

It’s hard to find women’s activewear that’s designed for maximum comfort and support, or one that lets you carry out workouts in-vogue.

It’s even more extraordinary to find activewear that’s 100% ethically-made from the recycled materials.

So, when the Belgian brand Go as U.R contacted us to be featured on NEW DRESS CODE we were thrilled to get such a zero-waste champion on our side.

Fashion athleisure from Go as U.R comes with all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a top-level athletic attire to help you stay motivated and comfortable during your workout routine, including:

  • Naturally breathable and moisture-wicking fabric to enhance sweat evaporation
  • Sun-protective filter with UPF 50+ protection
  • Double-layered zones on the calves to ensure a stay-put fit
  • Oh, and did we mention this activewear is a real looker!?

This Sustainably-made activewear and athleisure for women is beautifully designed from the recycled polyamide

The best part, however, is that the brand also lets you be active outside of the gym by supporting ethical, slow fashion and fighting ocean pollution.

All of Go as U.R’s eco-friendly athleisure is beautifully designed from the recycled polyamide (or regenerated sea fishing nets for the non-nerds amongst us). The brand also uses Öko-Tex® for fabric coloring, which are GOTS certified dyes that are water-friendly and do not contain metal or any other toxic substances.

The final result?

Well, let’s just say that when you pair Go as U.R activewear with a nice pair of sneakers for EcoAlfs or Allbirds you instantly become the most fashionable and environmentally-friendly gal at the gym – and the best-looking one too!

The designers debuted with contemporary, bold-colored UPF 50+ High-Waist Leggings available in monochromatic red, yellow or black (red and yellow are the current favorites) and UPF 50+ Sports Bras in matching colors.

The post-workout wide-sleeve jumpers from TENCEL™ (in black) and sexy velour bodysuits (in black and red) are a nice addition that completes this first outstanding collection.

Go as U.R also creates pre and post-workout athleisure that's made ethically and sustainably from Tencel

The brand proudly emphasizes its commitment to sustainable production, low-impact innovative materials, and edgier design that translate “colors, movement, and expression into powerful simplicity and freedom”. By transforming recycled fibers into simple, yet powerful silhouettes and adding vivid colors, Go as U.R creates athleisure for “female urban cosmopolitans and curious explorers with a strong personality […] confident and bold” that is perfectly suited for women with active and transitional lifestyle.

Take a moment to get to know the brand and discover their wonderful, sustainable activewear that’s full of advanced, eco-friendly features in a modern fashion style that gets noticed and talked about on and off the court.

The full athleisure collection from Go as U.R can be found here.

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