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51 European Fashion Styles To Buy This Season

Posted in Fashion by Nathale Belfort. Last updated

51 European Fashion Styles To Buy This Season

It’s no secret that European women know how to dress well.

From the Parisian style, which is considered to be the de-facto iconic, everyday-elegant style to emulate, to colorful Italian two-piece sets, to neutral and muted ensembles of the Scandinavian minimalist fashion -- no matter where you look, the major European metropolitan areas brim with irresistible and playful street styles that attract the attention of the passersby, and yet, never cross into the obnoxious or the vulgar.

Stylish Europeans tend to go for the “less is more” look, focusing on the traditional cuts, clean silhouettes, and elegant, well-fitted clothes. They also pay meticulous attention to the attire details, making sure to choose the right pair of shoes and pick high-quality accessories to elevate, rather than detract from the look.

European fashion can be described as timeless and elegant with focus on quality rather than quantity.

Coincidentally, this is also the kind of fashion that we love the most – a universal, tasteful, and timeless style. A style that’s embodied in well-made designer pieces, crafted from quality fabrics and materials that will stand the test of time.

Having that in mind here are some of our favorite European fashion pieces of the season released by the EU independent designers that showcase the splendor of what European fashion style has in store for you… but only when you’re ready to venture into the world of fashion boutiques in Europe, or shop online, because none of these pieces are sold in the mainstream, bonanza stores.

Let's Start Our European Women’s Clothing Recommendations:

European jackets: fashion statement of pure style and ethics

It's easy to make a fashion style statement with European brands as seen for example with this lovely statement jacket.

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European style apparel offers many fantastic choices for fashion buyers who look for quality and originality.

Shop European Clothing for Women

Linen is fashionable in Europe, but many associate this wonderful, eco-friendly fabric exclusively with the hot weather.

That’s why this patterned bomber jacket from a Danish, sustainable designer, Tales Of Anyday, is such a noteworthy surprise.

It’s made from 100% organic linen and it features fleece lining (organic-cotton) to keep you comfortable and warm not only during the breezy summer nights but also throughout the European transitional seasons.

But what truly makes this jacket stand out is the original print pattern that gives it that distinctive look.

The broadly painted strokes of yellow, taupe, and black bring so much life to this piece that it is impossible not to notice it. Yet, the nonchalantly-painted stripes feel right at home in here and go surprisingly well with many different fashion ensembles.

Of course, coming from a real European designer’s studio, it’s implied that this is a 100% made-in-Europe garment (not something mass-produced thousands of miles away). Every individual creation is carefully hand-made and hand-painted so that no two printed bomber jackets are the same. This linen jacket is made especially for those who’re looking for distinctive, original fashion pieces as its style helps to convey the thirst for the uniqueness of whoever owns it.

Speaking of the original European chic style, we think this piece nails it perfectly!

European denim: fun and quality to last a lifetime

Denim jackets are in style in Europe, especially during transitional seasons. This lovely, pink jacket is perfect for the night out in the city with your friends.

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Many independent European fashion brands produce apparel employing only ethical and sustainable production methods.

Shop European Jackets

If you’re not a fan of linen, or if you’re gearing up for colder weather, but still wish to avoid the puffy alpinist look, then a warm denim jacket with faux shearling can be the fashionable answer to the European autumn.

As we know, well-dressed Europeans try to avoid the shapeless, bubble jackets until freezing weather absolutely forces them into one! So forgoing the ballooning puffiness in lieu of a snug and comfy denim is a great option for the fall.

This oversized-fit style looks natural and feels neat. It’s a very appropriate piece for the European casual style synonymous with the nightlife of St. Germain, or the trendy jazz clubs of Copenhagen or Madrid.

We really appreciate the subdued, light pink color of this denim jacket, because it’s normally such a hard color to pull off when it comes to apparel manufacturing (as opposed to the typical “Lady-Gaga-bubble-gum pink” produced by the cheap dyes). So this European designer deserves a special prize for doing an outstanding job on choosing such rare denim colors for her creations.

If pink is not your go-to color, then there are other, beautiful denim jackets in this collection to choose from, such as: red, yellow, salmon, and blue – all have the interior body and the inner-collar matching the rest of the jacket in terms of colors and sport a cozy faux shearling.

The Shearline, being a Spanish slow fashion brand, crafts all its fashion products in Europe from 100% cotton denim.

European tops & knitwear: effortlessly chic and ready for everything

European clothing style is timeless and elegant so you can wear for many seasons, as is this delightful blouse made from organic cotton.

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European tops: for women who love affordable and well-made clothes that are stylish and fun to wear.

Shop Women's Tops

Next in line is this lovely, white cotton blouse that shouts timeless elegance from a mile away.

What we love about this piece is that it’s a perfect blend between the classic, white blouse and the contemporary European fashion piece.

Again, a courtesy of the exceptional Tales Of Anyday, this GOTS-certified, organic cotton blouse makes for a great elegant and fun everyday outfit that’s far from drab or boring.

It’s a magnificent blouse for office work and for formal functions, but also, due to having a loose cut, a short, turtleneck collar, and button details on the back, it’s playful enough to fit well with the casual evening attire when styled properly. How? Just pop into your favorite party shoes, match it with some loose-shaped pants or an interesting midi-skirt and be ready to rock any upscale European lounge or restaurant looking classy and modern.

This fashion item is also 100% made-in-Europe from quality, organic fabrics that will keep it looking mint and fresh for years to come.

European skirts: embrace the daring and feminine in you

This intricate, abstract print midi-skirt works equally well for casual office style or autumn strolls in the park.

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Casual summer skirts showcase the splendor of European casual dress code and the creativity with use of prints and patterns by the European fashion designers.

Shop European Skirts

Speaking of interesting and original midi-skirts, this one is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

This European-designed skirt looks like a modernist painting out of the Centre Pompidou, in France, even though the skirt is actually a digitally printed and it comes from Denmark. As a matter of fact, it was designed by none other than Tales Of Anyday – our go-to European pattern and fashion prints brand.

The unique pattern of this midi skirt is inspired by the beauty of everyday simplicity. Each color represents a different part of our world and the interplay of elements in everyday life. It's beautiful, feminine, and very original piece – a midi skirt that’s perfect for leafy, golden autumn of continental Europe as well as it is for overcast Mediterranean summers.

Designed and handmade in Denmark from cotton woven in Italy and digitally printer in Latvia, this fashion garment epitomizes what “made in Europe” is all about – quality, refinement, and tasteful elegance.

European fashion jumpsuits: timeless elegance and confidence

The sophisticated European fashion style as embodied in this chic turtleneck jumpsuit

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Fashion jumpsuits are a great example of European elegant clothing style

Shop European Fashion Jumpsuits

Changing to the toned and sophisticated side of the European style, this black turtleneck jumpsuit from a British fashion designer Loe Black is a guaranteed showstopper at the office and serves as an example of a European contemporary work-wear designed for maximum glamour with a minimum of fuss.

Rarely will you find a fashion jumpsuit so refined and graceful that it becomes the very definition of timeless elegance - there is nothing to add, or subtract from it that would make it any better – this is what we call a perfect women’s jumpsuit by any fashion standards.

But the standards set by this London-based brand are some of the highest in the European fashion industry in terms of sustainability and ethics.

Each garment is made with resurrected (upcycled) pieces of fabrics, with no harmful chemicals utilized, and manufactured using the renewable energy and water-efficient processes.

We’re looking at a very special, ethically-made jumpsuit here. One that projects sophistication and luxury (don’t be fooled by how surprisingly affordable it is) and radiates the charisma and moral ethos of the person donning it.

This contemporary jumpsuit is a must-have European sustainable fashion essential in our book (or should we say closet) and should be a centerpiece in any capsule wardrobe, especially for the ethically-conscious buyers.

Detachable jumpsuits: versatile, on-the-go fun style

Great example of versatile, European capsule wardrobe style in this detachable jumpsuit for women

Get This Jumpsuit

Unique jumpsuits and fashion overalls are one-piece wonders found in wardrobe of every stylish European lady.

Shop Women's Jumpsuits

Another day, another fashion jumpsuit to admire, and another Tales of Anyday garment on our list of European fashion staples.

This European jumpsuit is made of organic cotton and comes in the elegant black color. What draws your attention right away is the top of the jumpsuit, which resembles that of a pair of dungarees. More than that - it’s a transformable garment - meaning you should look at it as a three-fashion-pieces-in-one type of a deal: a black, well-fitted jumpsuit with a unique cut, and pair of stylish black trousers, and fashion dungarees for a day at the office.

In case anyone ever told you that overalls do not conform to the office dress code – well, now you can prove them wrong! Make their jaw drop even more by unzipping the top (easily detaching the dungarees detail) and swiftly converting your jumpsuit into a pair of black trousers that are super safe for work. How cool is that?!

With three-in-one ensembles, and each looking better than another, this really is one of the most versatile pieces we’ve seen this season – some even call it a perfect modular garment for your fashion capsule collection.

So, to the aficionados of the contemporary European fashion look, who look for an interesting alternative to the classic LBD, we recommend trying this black Detachable Cotton Overall Jumpsuit. It is a very versatile piece and it will serve many more styles and seasons than LBD. It’s also handmade from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton in Europe, where else.

European jackets: dazzling patterns and original forms

European fashion forward style not only in the look but also in the sustainable and ethical fashion principles applied in the production.

Get This Jacket Now

European fashion is about style and quality, but also about the manufacturing process involved and the production ethics. Everything needs to demonstrate thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

Shop European Ethical Fashion for Women

On the subject of transformable fashion garments, check out this lively Geometric-Print Kimono Jacket in vivid colors from Acurator - another London-based brand from our European sustainable fashion list.

As part of their Ph7 Capsule collection, it is designed in a cut that can be worn as a vest, or as a dress. The exquisite copper-red, blue, lilac-pink, and black shapes form an intricate geometric pattern straight out of the Scandinavian fashion book on minimalism to give it this bold, fashion-forward look. It’s almost looking like a futuristic fashion concept art, except it is actually available now and it is outstanding.

Featuring a tie belt, cropped kimono sleeves, and striped lining for a nice contrasting detail, this piece was designed in the UK and made entirely in the European Union from recycled polyester.

We believe that it makes a true statement for the advances in European fashion, not only because of how it looks, but mainly how it is constructed. The sustainable fashion principles that went into its design and ethical manufacturing methods used for its production showcase a true talent and though leadership demonstrated by this designer – and we love it!

European casual wear: ingenuousness of simplicity

Opt for European casual chic style with this lovely and feminine black ruffle t-shirt.

Get This T-shirt Now

Fashion doesn't always have to be about the glamour. Sometimes a simple cut and a comfort of a familiar tee, supplemented by fun details is all you need to get the casual European look going.

Shop Women's Tops Collection

Deceitfully simple. Deceptively interesting.

This last piece on our European apparel list is much more relaxed and casual than the others. It’s a t-shirt that comes with a bit of a twist – the yoke and the sleeves are adorned by ruffle details that give it a refreshing feel and put it a step-above the commonplace t-shirts everyone always wears.

It is a cool example of the feminine style applied to European casual-wear. A cute black t-shirt with a round neckline and ruffles, made of a soft blend of cotton and lyocell, make for a great choice for a relaxed Sunday look. Enjoy walking through the European boulevards in style, or taking it slow and looking great at one of the coffee shops in Prague, or Berlin.

Designed and handmade in a small workshop in Barcelona by Andrea Martínez, it’s a great entry piece to European slow fashion.

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