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Oversized Denim Jackets by The Shearline: the Colorful, Sustainable Alternative for Fall Season

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Oversized Denim Jackets by The Shearline: the Colorful, Sustainable Alternative for Fall Season

For anyone looking to buy an oversized denim jacket in a variety of colors to choose from and enjoy it for many fall and spring seasons to come, we have a great news - we've just added a new sustainable, colored denim brand to our collection.

Barcelona based The Shearline set up shop back in February 2018 and we are extremely excited to host their first collection here at NDC just in time for the fall season.

The promotional tagline to their colorful denim jackets line confidently rings “Long Live Our Clothes Again”, and serves as a brave proclamation and interesting meditation that delivers right to the heart of The Shearline’s cool and timeless style.

Denim jackets by The Shearline combine the familiarity and the versatility of the classic denim jackets that everybody knows and loves with a touch of contemporary chic that’s achieved through mixing in a handful of playful colors and offering the jackets in a comfortable and trendy, oversized style.

It is a classic garment that we reinvented thanks to its colored shearling and oversized style.

Alexandra Gonzalez Delgado - Co-Founder and Designer of The Shearline

The company is fueled by a desire to provide eco-conscious customers with an ethical alternative when it comes to shopping for denim. As a result, the brand puts an extra effort to make sure their garments are really made-to-last and have the accompanying versatility and adaptability to serve for a multitude of seasons and occasions.

The Shearline’s oversized denim jackets are locally-sourced and handcrafted in Spain in limited-edition quantities. This capsule format guarantees the exclusivity of the collection, and, more importantly, minimizes the environmental impact of their production, or as the brand likes to say, it helps them to "create high-quality garments and protect the world we live in" at the same time.

Oversized denim jackets by European, sustainable brand the Shearline come in fun and original colors

We took some time out to sit down with Matteo Bortolin and Alexandra Gonzalez Delgado, the creators of The Shearline, to find out more about their fun denim jackets and the idea behind the sustainable denim line that aims to become the go-to favorites in both; the women’s and men’s eco-friendly wardrobes.

NDC: Where did the Inspiration to create The Shearline come from?

The Shearline: Our brand is the result of years of analyzing and theorizing about fashion and consumption. We had always dreamt of creating a brand; we love denim and we love Barcelona so we knew that we somehow wanted to unite those two factors. Our values have grown out of this and have been forged little by little over time. Our desire has always been to do something different that would bring something good to the world.

NDC: Has it been difficult to keep sight of that original flash of inspiration you had at the very start?

The Shearline: We knew that it wouldn’t be easy and we didn’t think for one second that the path would be clear-cut. But slowly new inspirations emerge and they help you with the direction. From the beginning we were convinced that we didn't want to make just another “fashion" company, we wanted to create good pieces of clothing that make you fall in love with, and subsequently become part of you – we wanted to create garments that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Model wearing pink-colored Shearline denim jacket

Everything starts with our love for denim. The fabric, its characteristics, the immense possibilities of washing and dying. It is our alchemy. We want to continue creating quality denim, using new technologies and techniques in order to develop more unique pieces with lower environmental impact. Also, the production process has inspired us and guided us during the design phase; as we are conscious that it is necessary to take all the steps of the stage into account in order to create a more sustainable production model overall.

We are always thinking about how to combine quality and originality with practicality and ethics.

These values are crucial aspects for us to be taken into consideration during the creation, production, and launching of sustainable products. Our city, our trips, the vision of a better planet, make us dream of color, shapes, different perspectives and different attitudes. Everything is carefully combined to define each garment, and give it its personality.

NDC: Sustainable fashion is a term that is used more frequently nowadays, can you tell us what it means to you?

The Shearline: Renowned fashion brands have instigated and engaged in a crazy rhythm of consumption for the last 15-20 years which has resulted in terrible environmental and social repercussions. For us, sustainability is to produce fashion in a way that is completely opposite to this crazy rhythm. We believe sustainability in the fashion industry points to a positive alternative in consumer habits, a much slower and rational approach to consumption.

The present system is not just producing enormous quantities of clothes made under terrible conditions, but it’s also contributing to both social and environmental poverty. These are the reasons that pushed us to start local production here in Spain, where at least human rights, emissions, and a waste of energy and water are more controlled than in the third world economies.

We are also driven by the dream of reintroducing denim production here in Spain, as a means to contribute to and help to grow the local economy. In the past, Spain’s textile economy used to be very strong, but sadly this is no longer the case.

So this is why and how we started to contribute with our sustainable denim production methods. The next step will be to exclusively use the ecological cotton until we are a 100% sustainable company.

The Shearline

We know that there is a long and hard road ahead of us, but we are confident that we can achieve it because this goal is a part of our DNA.

NDC: Can you tell us a little about the process behind the production of your denim jackets? We understand that The Sherline’s denim jackets are handmade, is this correct?

The Shearline: We want to combine design innovation with the return to sustainable denim production, offering our customers high-quality denim products created to last. A healthy production process which is empowered by the globally recognized expertise of local Spanish artisans.

We believe that locally-sourced textiles and denim tradition is a key element for the production of garments that people will love. We are creating a new, old-way for people to enjoy quality clothes. All of them are available in just two sizes and they are handmade by the artisans.

Our first collection is dedicated to the shearling denim jacket, one of our all-time favorites. It is a classic garment that we reinvented using colored shearling and an oversized style. We are very proud of the final result, and we think people will appreciate its quality and versatility.

NDC: What are your main motivations at this point?

The Shearline: Well, in the beginning, we started to feel the necessity “as consumers” to dress in something different. We got bored seeing so many people dressing in the same things so we started to research new brands that were not part of the fast-fashion ecosystem. Then, we started to get more into the slow fashion movement and the concepts of ethical fashion; looking for brands that were able to sell not only a garment but also the culture and the values behind it.

We were so curious to understand more about the whole conscious philosophy, we bought the book "Ethical fashion for a sustainable future" by Elena Salcedo. This book taught us even more about how the fast fashion brands do not think about the consequences of their impact on the planet, and more importantly, they were not doing anything to change that or to improve.

Then, another important moment was when we watched the documentary "The True Cost". It’s about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the industry is having on our world. The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on an untold story about fast fashion and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our cheap clothing? If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it. It definitely has the power to make you see fashion consumption from a more truthful perspective.

All of this helped us come to a clearer conclusion about what we wanted to create. When we were traveling around Australia back in early 2011 we had promised ourselves that we would create something great, different and with a soul. A product which would actually create a positive change and point towards a better world! But at that moment we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do...

So during those years, we talked a lot about how fashion should change, just talking, without doing anything in particular. After a while we started to develop our mission plan, the vision, our values, then finally the project started to take shape and come alive. Having several years of experience in this sector, we were conscious that denim's mass production is one of the most polluting processes in the fashion industry and this was the first reason that pushed us to create a new denim brand. A different denim brand, where our main mission should be to create garments that help to improve the condition of the planet, reducing the contaminants and respect people involved in the production.

Denim jackets by The Shearline are comfortably chic and let you customize your style with a custom colored inner and outer lining

Apart from the ecological and sustainable reasons that are central to our brand we wanted to create something special, clothes that you’d fall in love with. In a world of globalized fashion, there are more and more people looking to dress differently to help them express their personality better. People are also starting to realize and consider what goes into the products they’re buying. The pace of fashion is becoming unsustainable and the market is oversaturated. The Shearline aims to create their collections in small capsule formats, creating small stocks that offer exclusivity.

We wish to prove with our story that change in fashion is possible. Then, our main goal will be to use our garments and brand as a megaphone to share with the world a positive message of hope and change.

NDC: Ok, this was a fantastic interview. Thank you. To wrap it up, I just wanted to ask you what your favorite place in Barcelona is?

The Shearline: It’s very difficult to answer this question, Barcelona is so amazing and we have a lot of favorite spots in the city… Honestly, we love Barcelona overall, from the small and quiet squares where you can drink a fresh beer and taste a typical tapa to enjoying yourself well into the vibrant and cosmopolitan night. The city is truly unique - it's special. You can breathe and feel a positive energy driven by the sun and the sea that makes you feel happy every day!

Ok, but if have to pick just one, we’ll tell you our little secret. Our magic place in Barcelona is the area of Poblenou, where you can feel the atmosphere of a small seaside village just 5 minutes from the city center.

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