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Sustainable Fashion Blog: Our Barcelona Chapter Workshops Open!

Posted in NDC Events by Mariusz Falkiewicz. Last updated

Sustainable Fashion Blog: Our Barcelona Chapter Workshops Open!

Please note:

This post relates to Fashion Blogging & Content Marketing workshop we're running on Meetup.

Head there, if you wish to join passionate, ethical bloggers from the Barcelona area, share your best blogging practices, learn about content marketing strategies, or simply if you’re looking for an up-to-date schedule of our meetings.

To all, current members:

Hi, and thank you for joining!

Why are we doing this and why does it matter?

While there is no denying that blogging is a fantastic hobby that can turn into a successful and lucrative career, only those who understand how to gain the competitive advantage in this field can hope to make their mark.

Let’s face it:

Professional blogging is a business. Like with any other business, to succeed one has to master the right tools of the trade and become passionate about honing their craft. We hope that this group and our blogging workshops will become a place where we can keep improving the craft of professional blog writing and master the techniques of content marketing.

While we cannot promise to make you an overnight success (this is a free workshop after all! :)), we can guarantee to share with you some successful writing strategies and content marketing methods that will help you improve your blogging experience and drive a wider audience to your work.

The workshop is designed for those who are just starting on their blogging journey, as well as for those who are already actively blogging, but who wish to increase their readership and engage their audience on a deeper level.

For us, the workshops are a fantastic opportunity to meet talented people, who are passionate about fashion blogging, exchange, and test fresh marketing techniques, and, most importantly, to build a network of fun and interesting people to collaborate with and to keep growing the awareness about the slow fashion – which, as you have probably figured out by now, is something we’re very passionate about.


We're looking to build a 30-members strong group before we begin conducting our workshops.


Imagin Café
Carrer de Pelai, 11

How long:

Initially, we'll meet for 3 to 5 sessions to go over common writing and content marketing strategies, pick an interesting topic to work on, plan, write and execute the first draft, evaluate, correct and optimize the final draft, and finally, promote your final article.


The workshops will be conducted by Mariusz Falkiewicz, co-founder of NEW DRESS CODE, and Jon Taylor, our fantastic editor-in-chief and experienced freelance writer (amongst other accomplishments).

Thanks, everyone and see you soon!

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