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Sustainable Footwear Now in Vogue + Shame on Burberry & Primark | Eco-Fashion News Digest for July 2018

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Sustainable Footwear Now in Vogue + Shame on Burberry & Primark | Eco-Fashion News Digest for July 2018

NDC's Eco-Fashion News Digest is a monthly feature in which we present the news-worthy events from the world of sustainable and ethical fashion and present them to you in a fun and, well, digestible way.

We kick off July's edition with quite an exciting announcement!

Probably the biggest headline of the past few weeks was that Leonardo DiCaprio decided to invest in, and become a spokesperson for, AllBirds – a sustainable sneakers brand from New Zealand.

Sustainable Footwear Brand Leo is Fly For

That’s right, another high-profile celeb (who is bigger than Leo nowadays?) throws his hat into the ring to promote sustainability in the fashion industry. By putting his money where his mouth is and making a financial investment into Allbirds, Leo shows his true commitment to the cause and creates a great example for other celebs to follow.

Creating sustainable consumer products requires a deep commitment from brands that understand the role they have in helping solve our environmental crisis [...] Allbirds is on the forefront of developing new materials that will serve as a model for the footwear industry. 

Leonardo DiCaprio for People Magazine

Allbirds claims to produce the World’s Most Comfortable Shoes (or sneakers to be exact), making its products entirely from sustainable, renewable materials, such as wool, tree fiber and sugarcane (nature’s sustainable sweetheart as they call it!).

Allbirds Wool Lounger Shoe

What’s even cooler is that the brand is from New Zealand, which is a nice touch for promoting diversity in the fashion industry and a clear signal to support the emerging eco brands that are bound to become tomorrow’s fashion leaders.

Smart investment Leo! We salute you!
(Nope, no cheers meme. Sorry ;))

Ecoalf Turns Ocean Plastic into Eco-Friendly and Comfy Trainers

Sustainable footwear seems to be in vogue these last few weeks because another brand just received a lot of online accolades for creating super eco-friendly products by repurposing plastic waste from the ocean floor into a line of comfortable trainers.

The brand Ecoalf employs zero-waste production methods, so the whole initiative should result in a negative waste impact (i.e. actually removing pollution from our ecosystem); specifically from the place that needs it the most – the oceans.

This is the type of initiative and business model that truly resonates with us, here at NEW DRESS CODE. We are all for bringing out more ideas like this one, where one man’s (or woman's) garbage is another's fashion statement or at least gets repurposed into something useful that others can enjoy.

The message strikes even closer to home because, as it is, Ecoalf is from Spain, just as we are! So, if we ever get a chance to add this brand to our ethically-made shoe collection, or to meet the brand’s creator Javier Goyeneche in person, we’ll surely invite him in our off-time for a treat of tapas and sangria on the house. 

Of course, the Internet wouldn’t be the Internet if it wasn’t for some light trolling and fun-poking, such as this tweet for example:

We attribute this level of silliness to the heatwaves currently clasping Europe and not to a serious lapse of judgment that some individuals display (on a related note, please visit Europe Mr. Trump for some empirical evidence proving the existence of global warming).

Moving on to…

Catwalk of Shame

NDC's Catwalk of Shame is a segment reserved for the industry biggest offenders who glaringly adhere to the most wasteful and abusive practices in the fashion industry. This week we welcome:

Burberryfor burning US $35.6 mil. worth of its unsold, luxury goods to uphold the image of scarcity for its products and maintain their exuberant prices, rather than selling off overstock at a discount. Good job, Burberry! Want an even better idea? Burn pure money! It would be less toxic and you could burn through more value at the much higher rate.

Primark – for introducing its first “sustainable cotton product line” in a form of… women's PJs. Hmm, really? Well, if this is not a prime example of greenwashing then I don’t know what is.

Nicely done, Primark! Why not save yourself the hustle of amending your all-garbage fashion line with something as intricate as women's pajamas when you could just as easily claim to be joining the sustainability movement by introducing something much easier and cheaper to manufacture, like organic-cotton socks for example.

On the House: NDC Adds Accurator – Causal & Chic Brand - to Our Sustainable Fashion

We try to wrap every edition of our eco news digest with a little behind-the-scenes update on what we’re currently working on here at NDC and what our designers are up to.

This time, we’re happy to report about having another brand join our sustainable women's clothing collection.

Accurator is a label from London featuring womenswear with clean geometric lines and origami-inspired garments for the timeless and sustainable day-to-night look.

Accurator: A sustainable clothing brand from uk joins NEW DRESS CODE designers

Accurator’s ethically produces its clothing line in Europe using natural fibers like organic cotton, as well as recycled polyester, and up-cycled fabrics, adding just a dash of recycled leather whenever necessary.

Meet the brand here and discover their wonderful collection.

And that’s all for this week, folks!

Please make sure to visit us again next time for another round of Eco-Fashion News Digest from around the world.

Until then, stay cool and classy, and support the slow fashion.

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